Best Weight Loss for Women Over 50 and 60

Hi. Meet me again where I'll show you how to turn 50 and 60 and make it the brand-new .30 today I want to talk about the best weight loss tips for women over the age of 50 that really work.
so when it comes to weight loss tips that really work. You got to look at two factors, you gotta look at exercise and you got to look at diet. So what are some strategies that really work, well if you're looking at diet, and you're looking at exercise, we've got to put those in play on a consistent basis. You see if I want to lose weight, you could say I want to lose weight, but if we don't dial it down and put that into our routine. Then it's never going to be at actionable item that we make progress on, so we need to pull out our calendar and we need to lock in our time, we need to lock in our magic time. so what do I mean by magic time is the time where you will get no interruptions from your exercise routine, so what works best for a lot of my female clients over the age of 50, is they end up doing it first thing in the morning, they get up in the morning, it's the number one priority that they work on, it's the number one thing that they, they have locked, in and it's their magic time they're working on their number one solution and that is fat loss. So they dial in they dial in their magic time, so first thing the more than they get up, they lock it in, but if morning is not your thing maybe you're an afternoon person that is going to be in your schedule every single day every single time your magic time, because you're making your fitness goals a reality.
The number two thing that I would focus on is start tracking your food. There's a lot of scientific research out there you could google scientific research on weight loss and and achieving fitness goals. And the number one thing they're all going to tell you is you need to track your your your nutrition, and why is that, you know if you can't measure something you can't manage, it so tracking your food and writing it down or logging it on all these fancy apps. Ahead of time what that's going to allow you to do is you're going to start noticing how quickly a lot of these calories start adding like one of my female clients, we sat down with her and we looked at her first meal in a day, and it was oatmeal, and yeah oatmeal's healthy but what we ended up finding is that we put the when we had the oatmeal, and then we added in the almonds, and we added in the berries, and then we added in the fancy almond milk, and a couple of other things we realized that her oatmeal ended up turning into a thousand calorie meal.
So, what we end up finding there is you know you can always eat healthfully, but when you're not tracking your food these calories, can quickly add up and you could be doing all the right things with your exercise, and eating the right quality foods, but you start to not mind flee, and you start gaining weight on a healthy routine.

The quickest way to start helping you when you're tracking your food is up your protein intake, protein intake and the protein take that I would shoot for is shoot for twenty to thirty percent of your daily calories from protein, it's going to help you feel full, it's going to help you maintain that lean body mass. When you're doing a lot of strenuous exercise two to four days a week, another thing you can do is adding fiber into your diet through vegetables, and threw fruit what that's going to do is help you feel full taking that proteins going to help you feel full, and there's studies out there also that show when you're taking an extra fiber extra protein your overall calorie consumption will come down. So now that you've got your magic time happening, just try to find some general activities that you can add into your daily life that are fun, that force you to move, we're turning into a sedentary society back.
In the day smoking used to be the thing that killed us, but now they're saying that actually having a sedentary lifestyle outside of exercise, is actually worse than smoking for yourself, so fine activities that you can go maybe it's kayaking maybe it's hiking, maybe it's a walk with your dog, I know your dog would probably appreciate that but find an activity and other routine that you can do that's going to help you expand that calorie deficit.
So you guys make it a great day, thanks for tuning.

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