Meal Plan for Weight Loss Women

All right, so first meal of the day here we have. What I'm going to make for breakfast, I'll pop up a little screen grab of MyFitnessPal as I mentioned, I did track all of my meals last night. So everything down to the gram fits into my macros today perfectly. So what I'm going to be having is two packets of the oatmeal outfit. Which is this one, if you guys can't find it at your grocery store called outfit they recently changed the packaging it's now called better oats, but each packet is only 100 calories, you have two grams of fat 18 carb, and three protein. So in order to hit my specific match macronutrient goal for the day, I'm gonna have two packets of this, I also brought out my food scale. Because we're gonna be weighing out  some banana, and I'm also having one whole egg and some egg whites again, I'll put the exact calories for the whole meal and the final macros for the breakfast on the screen. But whatever I measured out last night was 118 grams of banana. So I'm just gonna turn on my little food stall. I just recently got this food scale at Target. So I just basically put it to grams, so for my breakfast it calls for 118. What was it yeah a hundred and 18 grams of banana, all right so that's 126 grams. You want to be as close as possible, so I'm just gonna take a little bit, i if I'll just keep this in the freezer to freeze for like a smoothie or something.
So, all right, let's try to get this perfect 119 perfect okay so that's weighed out. I'll put this over to the side some be slicing this up on top of my oatmeal. And then for breakfast it also calls for one whole egg. So I'll just go ahead and put you want to make your scale go down to zero, or I'm sorry I put whatever plate or whatever you're measuring in on there, and then you want to make it go down to zero. Perfect, we passed one whole egg. Of course you want to make a mess, and spill everywhere because you're five like me. Now I need to measure out my egg whites, but it already says 54 grams, you want it to be back to zero, so you can measure exactly. How many egg whites you're gonna be putting in there's only a tiny bit left missed part is I'm going to use, all of them so that is 103 grams.

What's up guys alright so it's now like?
3:15 p.m..
I am a sweaty mess I just did some
Cardio. I actually ran outside instead of going to the gym today. It was so nice out there. But I'm not to have an afternoon snack, I picked up this power bar the clean whey protein bar cook using cream flavor you can get them at Ralph's. Try them for the first time the other day and the flavor was actually bomb. This literally fits right into my allotted macros for the day. So it is let's see if they'll focus 190 calories, 5 grams of fat, 20 grams of protein and 25 cards.
So I did prep my lunch for today I planned out all my meals last night and my Fitness Pal is planning on eating this meal at home, but change of plans so  I'm gonna be taking this meal with me that I've already prepped and weighed out we have about 36 grams of sweet potato about 40 grams of Brussels sprouts. And I believe it's like 45 ish grams of ground turkey. I'm just gonna take this in the car probably just gonna have the protein bar right now and then once we get up to my dad's cabin in about an hour I'll probably heat this up at his place and eat this on the way home. For a late lunch so it's now almost 8 p.m. it is really late I'm gonna make my late dinner. This is my last meal so I'm gonna walk you guys through everything that I'm making for my dinner. And then I'll put my final macros and calories up on the screen for the end of the day recap through MyFitnessPal. So I'm gonna make one of these veggie burgers, which are so bomb. I'm almost out of carbs for the day so I'm not gonna make it on bread or anything. I'm gonna do probably one or two of these Tomatoes I need to weigh out the exact grams that I have left for my macros for the day. And also I'm gonna be having 8 slices of this pepperoni and I'm just gonna sauté up some veggies on the side this is like a little fajita mix. And some mushrooms I like the key commence soy sauce but I also use liquid aminos. So use whatever you have and yeah your girl is hungry, so let's get this poppin

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