Weight Loss Tips for Women in Tamil

Hey this is weightloss-project.xyz and today I got a special article just for the ladies all right. So ladies this is just for you there's five weight loss tips, that I personally have to just say it's on my mind, because when I talk to girls that are working out or they're struggling to do is wait they usually make these same mistakes, and don't make these mistakes. You do terrible stakes, and if you're not, you'll make your weight loss journey a lot easier and promise you that okay.

1.  Stay away from fad diets
I don't care who what celebrity, and which girl or which guy, whatever they're doing now is working there, they're eating oranges and in swallowing gum. Don't do that ok. This is staying away from the bad diets, whatever, they're doing in the magazines, there they're just trying to sell you something, or they're trying to, you know get people to read the magazine like, oh you weight loss method works really fast, and you don't have to do anything you just have to snap your toes together. And you'll you'll lose weight, stay away from that stuff, there's nothing, there's no fad diet that actually works and gives you long-term results. The best thing to do is to stop going on diets, and just change your current diet ok for a better one and that's why you have to do.

2. Get your sleep
I have is get your sleep a lot of girls out there, they're party a lot or they're struggling with their social life their work life, and they're studying and they just end up sleeping for hours, and they wonder why they have no energy or why they're not losing weight. Most of the weight loss that a person has or goes through is during their sleep. So, if you're not getting up sleepy than you're cutting the amount of time your body gets to develop and burn calories, and you know adjust itself and get ready for the next day. So, make sure you're getting at least minimal six hours, and if you want the best time, then I would go eight hours and anything more than, that is probably you know just a waste of time where somebody who works really really hard, okay. And the next step I got forward.

3. Don't have to eat healthy all the time
tip number three is follow a t20 world you don't have to eat healthy all the time, you don't have to stick to a healthy diet all the time if you can make four out of five year meals a healthy meal, and make that last note basic math one out of five can be a cheap meal, and you'll be okay. You don't have to go so strip, that you crave, your diet or your bad foods okay. what I do personally is that I follow maybe the ten nine year old we're ten percent of my meals might be achieving or something like that, but I do have that one day Friday for me tomorrow, can't wait it's my favorite day of the week, where I get to eat whatever I want and I love that. Okay, so it gets a craving Oz away and it's just a better way of avoiding fat fat in foods at a time okay.

4. Don't separated to do men exercise
The next thing you do is don't be afraid to do men exercises which are like pushups, bicep curls, bench press, squats lunges.

5. Stop doing so much Cardio
Don't just do cardio all the time which is going to be our next to you know girls are sometimes afraid of weights, or the ones that don't know too much about working on they're just afraid of weights and they thinkthat's going to be like a total it's going to be like give them a lean muscles their alert we're going to look like what Arnold Schwarzenegger so look, look like back in the day and you just don't want to do, that you want to lift weights don't be afraid of weights and machines, machines makes life a lot easier but don't want don't be one of those ladies that they go on a machine and just sit down and they use a little bit and then they sit down again. I mean they stay sitting down try to keep your heart rate up okay it's definitely the better way of doing.

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